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Monthly Archives: January 2015

How HR Contributes to a Business’s Success by Becoming a Strategic Partner

Traditionally the Human Resources Department was viewed and considered as a support function by every business. HR was mostly involved in personnel management, making payrolls, managing employee leaves and executing other similar administrative tasks. With the inclusion of HR personnel in strategy formulation and execution, the role of HR today has transformed radically, leading to […]

Risk Management – An Emerging Field in Business That Is Essential For an Optimized Working of the Day-to-Day Operations

In the olden days, need for managing risks was not that evident nor needed by businesspersons due to transparency in trading and operations, as well as people working with true devotion and loyalty to the business. Now, however the situation has changed greatly and people do not trust their friends, let alone work colleagues. A […]

Why is Payroll The Most Important Part of Business? – How to Eliminate Glitches in Your Payroll System

Payroll is considered as one of the most important aspects of business. Although there are several reasons behind it, compensating employees without errors, for their contribution of skills and expertise to the business at the right time is the main reason. With busy schedules and the workload on every employee or worker’s shoulders, errors in […]