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Growth Strategies for Small Businesses

Some businesses start out on a small scale because they wish to maintain operations at a small level. However, other start out small because they have limited resources but in the long run, they do wish to turn their small businesses into bigger corporations. Research suggests that this happens rarely; mostly because, small business owners […]


Motivating Employees for More Productivity

Motivating employees is one of the key tasks of the human resource department of any business. What most business owners and human resource managers fail to realize is that the aim is not to motivate people but to create an environment which instills motivation in all employees. Letting Employees Use their Own Creativity The traditional […]


Human Resource and Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal is the evaluation of the employees, based on their work done, to assess their future potential and reward them for their work. Performance appraisal usually creates friction between employees and human resource departments because the employees feel judged by the HR managers. This behavior defeats the entire purpose of performance appraisal and if […]


Top 5 Ways of Growing your Business

In today’s economy, running a business is a struggle no matter how many resources you have. What you need to have are good skills and a competitive edge. With these in hand, you can turn around the use of limited resources and grow your business infinitely. For those new to the business arena and for […]


Beginner’s Guide to Payroll Accounting

Big businesses have complete departments dedicated to their business’s payroll accounting. However, small businesses face the huge task of facing all sorts of responsibilities for payroll accounting. From managing overtime pay to managing taxes and fringe benefits, all of the payrolls accounting tasks need to be managed meticulously in order for their employees to receive […]


Financing your Business Growth

All new businesses need a solid plan for further growth along with a continuous flow of steady finances. However, obtaining finances is not an easy task especially in today’s age and time when economy is usually under stress. To obtain finances for growth, you should know your exact needs, your resources and how you can […]

Ten steps on how we save you money

Ten steps on how we save you money: 1. We save you money by automating your accounting department. By doing so, you save on direct/indirect payroll, overhead costs as well as technology costs. Your data is saved on our dedicated secure server in an SAS70 certified data center. You will have absolutely no computer or software costs. […]

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